Leaders of Tomorrow

We are the leaders of tomorrow, so they say
A message recited to us always
Though it’s becoming old and stale
We know it holds some truths anyway

We’ve found ourselves in the shade
Eclipsed by men who would not go away
Holding firmly to the stay
Yet we know it’s time for us to awake

The responsibilities are enormous and great
Still we will not fall or faint
Because failure will be tough and grave
Rescuing our fatherland is our aim

To cleanse Nigeria of injustice and corruption
All forms of oppression and repression
Not minding the difficulties and obstructions
To become a nation with a future

Truth and fairness will be our weapon
We will pursue it with all our effort
Armed with justice and determination
Our dedication shall know no limitation
Until we are triumphant and victorious

No longer will we be
The mighty giants fast asleep
We will arise in mighty victory
We will arise and our destiny fulfill

Now we will take our stand
With the sword of truth in our hands
We will possess the land
With the help of God our Maker


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